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Season Update
by posted 01/07/2020

Parents and Players:

First off, great practice tonight.  These first few practices will be tough to get through conditioning wise for me and you both.  I promise in a few weeks this will not be the case.  Endurance builds quickly, please do not get discouraged!!

Our team looks really strong this year and I am very excited to see this team grow this year. I have very high hopes and expectations for the boys this season.  This is a compliment in many fashions as I would not expect what I knew was not possible. 

I apologize for not being better in communication thus far in the season.  These last few weeks have been a bit hectic for me but things are getting better and I promise to be in touch more often.

Quick couple of updates:

Practices for January and February will be Tuesday and Thursday from 5:00PM- 6:30PM.  This is a different time that what I had said at pizza.  It was a better fit for me and hopefully for most of the team! 

The game scheudling is due by January 12th. The scheudle will hopefully be automatically updated to the team page not long after this date.

Bags for new players and those that ordered them: I have Bryce Weber and Zachary Barbieri listed as the only players getting new bags this season.  If your son is a new player (or you wanted to purchase a new bag) please let me know ASAP!! We will be getting this order placed by the end of the week and turn around takes about a week.  Players can expect to have the bags no later than the end of this month. (fingers crossed)

Concussion testing: Grayson Rath and Conor Sievers- I need you to get the baseline concussion test completed and sent over to the necessary people ASAP.  We cannot have you practicing until this is completed.  Football concussion testing earlier this year is not accepted as an exception. 

Finally in regards to Fat Mikes; I have not yet been able to set in concrete a time and place to get this handled.  So as for now, there is not set time that we will be going over there.  The Niners play Saturday early afternoon and I have a few obligations that day as well.  Keep an eye out for a determined date for going over there.  I am asking that ALL PLAYERS attend this evening.  This is regardless of whether you were in attendance that evening or not, whether your son was responsible or not.  We are a TEAM and I personally find it very important to win, lose, and learn all lessons as a team.  This is a great learning expereince for all team members.  I appreciate your support and understanding.


Best regards, 

Connor Hoffman

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Connor Hoffman 
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